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#0742: A Man's Van is His Castle

Original Air Date: 10.20.2007

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This week's Car Talk strays into home improvement territory, but before Bob Vila gets his knickers twisted, we'll tell you the home is a 1986 Chevy C-20 Conversion Van. Matt and said van have taken up residence in a North Carolina parking lot. The bad news is, Matt still needs to drive it, which means fixing its nasty habit of stalling whenever he slows down. The good news is, since Matt's close to home (i.e. gainfully unemployed), he's a prime candidate for an on-air engine examination. It's a gripping two-part drama, in our 2nd and 3rd halves. Earlier, our Call of the week features Liz, who's ditched the carrot and just taken the stick to the shifter in her Subaru. Can Tom and Ray give her a more elegant way to get out of Park? Is she even interested in a more elegant way to get out of Park? Also, a brief foray into Philomedy, with some (insert your own adjective) philosophy-based jokes, and a new dealer service recommendation that screams "Boooooogus." All that, a new Puzzler, and lots more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

In the time of tall ships and high seas, there was one very ordinary cargo that, if not stowed properly, could sink a ship in minutes and without warning. What was the cargo? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

The new LED traffic lights have one flaw. What is it? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Philosophical jokes.

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Show Review - 235

by Anonymous

Show Review - 237

by Anonymous

1st time listener

by barbjread

your show is great. You guys remind me of the Jordan (Furniture) brothers. I have recently grown up and realized npr is more intersting than recycled music. I will be there every saturday morning with you.

Favorite Moment: When the lady with the shaking tirewas told the shaking will stop as soon as the tire falls off. I laughed out loud. at that point I was hooked!!!!!!

Matt's Mom

by mom

Well of course I loved hearing Matt on your show and I was very impressed with how quickly you discerned he was penniless and how you really tried to help him. Thanks!

Philomedy: Our Favorite Philosophical Jokes

Bust a gut with Hegel!  ...Or read these jokes instead.

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