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#0740: Double Clutchin' With Looney the Clown

Original Air Date: 10.06.2007

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This week on Car Talk, in a country that has Meatloaf Appreciation Day, are we finally ready to give mechanics their due? Tom and Ray contemplate a Mechanics Appreciation Day - and just what gifts might be appropriate. (Free back-waxing, anyone?) This week's show features Craig, whose Outback has driven to the moon and is on its way home. Maybe it's time for a final trip. To the junkyard. Find out whether he's making a pickup or a drop-off. Then, we send in the clowns. No, really - our Call of the Week features IRS-Agent-by-Day, Clown-by-Night, Grey, a.k.a. "Looney." The tranny in his 1929 Ford Shriner Clown car is grinding its way to dust. Can our two clowns keep a smile on the face of a third? Do cats prefer Mitsubishis? Find out if Brooklyn's felines really are inhabiting Janet's free ride. In Stump the Chumps, we wonder if we're listening to Car Talk or "Wild Kingdom," as Tom and Ray's vocal cords go ape. Did these particular vocalizations help Bridget resolve her confounding noise? Listen, shake your head in aural disbelief, and find out. Also, paging the Magliozzi counselors! Will revving the family Honda while the cruise is on "blow out the soot," or is Ed blowing smoke, like his fiancee claims? And, could this little spat be a precursor of tiffs to come? Should Ed jump ship while there's still time? All that, a new puzzler that stars an eagle-eyed car shopper, and two new staffers join our burgeoning staff, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How did the new car shopper spot the manual transmission model - from 15 feet away? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

It's a 5 mile drive to work, and 15 miles home. How can that be? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Is it time for a national Mechanics Appreciation Day?

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