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#0738: Clink, Clank, with a Shugga Shugga Shugga

Original Air Date: 09.22.2007

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This week on Car Talk, we open with one daughter's creative medical encouragement for driving and dialing. (Warning: think organ donation.) In our first half, Heidi’s rear end is going “clink, clank", with a "shugga shugga shugga" thrown in for good measure. Can Tom and Ray quiet the awkward emanations from her Toyota's tuchus? Then, just how handy is Frank from New Hampshire? Can he repair his ornery window himself? Hear why guys simply must do stupid stuff from time to time and learn how a power window actually works. Such a call-- no wonder it's our Call of the Week. In our second half, we learn that Tommy’s not the only one crazy enough to own an MG.  Up in the Green Mountain State, Paul’s got one too—and his is whistling. Find out the fix, why it’ll be a winter-long adventure—and how Tommy’s daughter can help. (No kiddin'!) Is there a hot-weather poltergeist haunting TJ’s Ford Explorer down in Little Rock? Her electric door locks go bonkers when temps head north of triple digits. Hear what not-so-very-supernatural causes might be at work. Ready for more warm weather woes? Jean's Volvo's hissing like there's a boa at her feet. Might it have something to do with that recent brake job? Got your thinking cap on? (We'll wait.) Okay, good. Now, tell us who shaves the barber in Horsetown? That’s this week’s puzzler. Get the details, and see if you’ve got Ray figured out. Then, it's onto our third half, in which we wonder: if rain causes creakiness in joints, can it also have the same result on a Prius in Portland?  Finally, ever hear of a car that moves forward without a tap on the gas? That’s the story with Dave’s sleek black Honda Fit. Honda says “they all do that.” Really? Find out what’s normal-- if you dare trust our less-than-normal co-hosts, that is.   All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Just who's shaving the barber in Horsetown? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How did Crusty diagnose a balky electric window, without laying a finger on the car? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Why driving and dialing just might have an upside-- at least for one family.

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Let's look at the bright side of phone-caused wrecks.

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