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#0737: Auto-Anthropomorphism?

Original Air Date: 09.15.2007

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Do cars have feelings? This week on Car Talk, we revisit the great car name debate—sparked by Robert’s burly pickup truck dubbed “Mark.” Listen as Tom and Ray share some of our listeners' strong opinions for and against car naming. Plus: got a name in mind for Tom and Ray’s heaps? Now’s your chance. In the first half, we meet Martha from Wisconsin, whose family van is leaving her siblings stuck at home in anti-social purgatory. Dad says it's a case of "bad gas"--in the van, not the kids, but Martha's dubious. Then, it's off to Ohio, where Fatima's faithful Civic has developed an aversion to 3rd gear. Is "Little Red" headed for "Big Boat Payment," and is there anyone she can blame for her predicament? Speaking of aversions, in our Call of the Week, Kate explains her mother-in-law's reluctance to use the brakes while cruising down Mt. Saint Helens in a rental. It's a hair-raising edition of "What I Did on My Summer Vacation." Also back from vacation, join us in welcoming the return of the Puzzler! We kick off the season with, you won't believe this, one that actually has to do with cars. Our 3rd half also features Stacey, whose Alero is having an identity crisis. Why does it turn into a Harley whenever she drives through a puddle? Finally, is Jim's wrench technique to blame for breaking his friend’s tooth? Is it a classic open and shut case? All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How did Crusty know what was wrong with the customer's power windows, without even touching the car? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

The puzzler has just returned from vacation, so there's no puzzler answer. Find out!

Show Open Topic

Should you name your car? Also-- help us name Tom and Ray's jalopies!

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My Saturday morning laugh

by rita

Your show keeps me sitting in the car laughing even when I've reached my destinations as I do my Saturday morning chores. I was tempted to call today to ask for help for my husband - the gear shift handle broke off in his hand on his ford work van -thankfully while in park - it took 4 tow trucks to find one who greased up the bed & got him home & what a job to find a replacement! But he is on his way home with one from a Junkyard. Hopefully he actually install it !

Favorite Moment: I laughed really hard at the story about the guy who got the gift of a gym/workout coach - going from love to hate. And I loved the list of things you should/should not say to your wife - "have a glass of wine" . THank you for great entertainment.

Unfaithful to the Puzzler?

Let the Puzzler enjoy its vacation, says one listener.

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