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#0735: The Case of the Gender-Confused Pickup

Original Air Date: 09.01.2007

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This week on Car Talk, our Call of the Week wrestles with a question for the ages: will a truck by any other name still run the same? Ed's got a vehicular gender dilemma that's driving him batty down in Tennessee. Tune in as Tom and Ray wrestle with the concept of vehicle-naming, and get ready to let them know what you, and your Camry "Betsy," think about it. First, though, we've got some one-liners from an unlikely universe--the one and only Albert Einstein. Then, things get noisy with Barbara in Kalamazoo. Is her AC about to go splat on the highway? Meanwhile, in Indiana, Velda's 20-year-old Toyota pickup sounds like a Howitzer - when it's not coughing black smoke. And what's a Jeep owner to do when "steering wandering" is the least of his worries? In our 2nd Half, we try to help Steve resign from the "Alternator a Month Club," and advise Chad on whether it's really a good idea to put his kids in the '84 Vanagon he bought for a buck. Our 3rd Half opens with a listener suggestion that could change Car Talk forever. Tom and Ray immediately put it into practice, and the results are, well, about what you'd expect. Then, we've got a reading assignment for Heidi, and a special gift for Tommy. All that and more on this week's Car Talk.

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The puzzler is on vacation this week.

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Fun quotes from Albert Einstein.

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