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#0734: Say It Ain't So, Duct Tape

Original Air Date: 08.25.2007

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk, Tom and Ray reveal the painful, secret irony behind the mechanic's greatest weapon - duct tape. In our first half, our hosts make sure Oxford, Ohio is well supplied with pizza. Thanks to some quick thinking, they keep Christian on the road and delivering pies. (Maybe it's time for that Master's degree, Chris?) Then, in our Call of the Week, Emily needs help understanding the male psyche, after she trampled her pal Bob's fragile male ego by successfully diagnosing his car problem. Find out why she may be looking to the wrong gender for an answer. Another existential question opens our second half: If a noise is coming from the rear, did Andrew really need new front brakes? Since his Jeep is still making the noise, the answer is probably "No." Then, it's Stump the Chumps, featuring Anne from Georgia, her newly re-jiggered husband, and a noisy Caravan. In our 3rd half, you knew Karl Marx was in the Marx Brothers, right? That Bach practiced on an old spinster in the attic? We've got a bunch more little known "facts" in some test answers from 6th graders. Finally, a surprise guest barges into the studio, in the form of Tommy's son, Alex. Will he help dad explain to Terri why her 16-year-old son should skip the muscle car and go right to the funky - and much safer - aging Volvo? Or, will this fickle Magliozzi teen refuse to play along with the old man? Drop by, and find out. All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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Tom and Ray share new findings... that, well, duct tape doesn't work.

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The Joys of Being a Teacher

6th graders spill the beans on little-known truths, like how big Handel really was.

Duct tape's single greatest failing

You'd never guess... Read the Department of Energy report to find out.

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