#0732: Jailbirds and Medical Procedures

Original Air Date: 08.11.2007

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Anne's husband had his vasectomy reversed and she needs some advice. Is she calling the right show? Meanwhile in AZ, Noah is going "away" for 18 months. How should he care for his 1976 Dodge van while he's otherwise occupied? And Tom and Ray crack the mystery of the keyless car remote, this week on Car Talk.

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Discussion of Laura Doyle's book, "The Surrendered Wife." Her thesis: a "submissive wife" is the secret to a happy marriage.

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Do Not Listen While Driving

by elf21379

This has got to be the most hilarious Car Talk I have ever heard. I seriously suggest NOT listening to this while driving - I nearly ran off the road.

Favorite Moment: The dispersion theory conversation, of course.

Making Amends with the Car Gods

This driver must be cursed.  Was that stranded motorist she blew past... actually Zeus in disguise?

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