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#0731: Holy Batman, My Car's on Fire!

Original Air Date: 08.04.2007

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On this week's Car Talk, Red from NJ got the surprise of a lifetime when his car caught fire! Can Tom and Ray help him cool the car off so Red's girlfriend can ride with him? Then in Seattle, Linda's hubby cut the top off her Volvo. Is the new "convertible" safe to drive? As long it involves an I-beam and a football helmet. And Dinesh wants to walk across Death Valley in the summer. Will he make it? Find out on this week's sizzling hour of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

No puzzler-- the puzzler is on summer vacation! Find out!

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No puzzler-- the puzzler is on summer vacation! Find out!

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The Exercise Diaries, featuring Tanya the Trainer. And, Ray shares a story about going to the gym with his wife.

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    The one with the letter about Tanya

    by vamshi

    The best part about this episode is the letter about Tanya, the personal trainer - I laughed so hard it hurt.

    Favorite Moment: Letter about Tanya

    Exercise Diary

    Memoir of a former chess club member, given a week of exercise as a "gift."

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