#0729: Sorry Dad, I Blew Up Your Car!

Original Air Date: 07.21.2007

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This week on Car Talk, Christy comes clean about wrecking her dad's car years ago, and finds out that putting tape over the engine light wasn't such a good idea. Tom and Ray insist on meddling in the familial relationship and call Christy's dad to spill the beans. Will he forgive her? Plus, how many rocks can you fit into a Saab? And the time-honored method of fixing a car with a shoe. All that and more, on this week's confessional hour of Car Talk.

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News Item: Guy steals a car from a dealership, gets arrested when he takes it back in for repair.

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Christy's Dad

by Roll Car

A very good Dad.

Favorite Moment: Dad understands and forgives.

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Store Says Customer Used Gun to Negotiate

"This car I stole from you guys is a lemon!"

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