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#0728: The Lab Who Ate a Lexus

Original Air Date: 07.14.2007

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This week on Car Talk, Tommy gleefully shares an important new study showing that older siblings are smarter than their younger brothers. Then -- you guessed it -- Ray vociferously disputes the findings with some cold, hard familial facts. Then, it's off to Nebraska, where Lauren's transmission is revving. Is it time for her to sink a few thousand into her Taurus? In Vermont, Josie's cursing around corners on cloudy days. Find out what confounding meteorological-automotive curiosity is at work. In our second half, we tackle a feline-sounding hissing noise that occurred en route to Graceland, a transmission that's been ground to dust (apologies, Gee), and then it's up to Yellow Knife. And no, neither Tom nor Ray had ever heard of it, either. But, that's where Peter's calling from -- far up in Canada's Northwest Territories. During those long hard winters, he's sticking magnets on his oil pan. Are they doing the slightest thing? Find out. Finally, Tom shares an advice column unlike any other, we contemplate a car whose engine is making ice in mid-summer, a cheap-skate extraordinaire (apologies, Jeff), and tackle a canine-automotive conundrum featuring a cute little yellow lab that's munching his way through a brand new Lexus RH 400 hybrid. All that and more -- this week on Car Talk.

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Ray disputes findings from a recent study, shared by Tommy, that older siblings are smarter.

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Is the elder Tommy smarter?

Here's the New York Times article describing the 'eldest child is smartest' study.

An Auto Column Like No Other

Take a look at this amazing exchange from an English car-advice column.

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