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#0725: Thou Shalt Not Drive Like Thy Brother

Original Air Date: 06.23.2007

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This week on Car Talk, how well do you know your Commandments? Tom and Ray take the Vatican's new "10 Commandments of the Road" and add a few from their own experience. #26: Thou Shalt Not Take Thy Rental Car to Mexico? We then explore a possible loose nut behind the wheel in California, and the merging of kitchen implements with automotive servicing in Baton Rouge (turkey baster to change power steering fluid, anyone?) Why on earth would anyone pay 20 bucks for gas, but not fill up? The answer to week's puzzler is hidden in plain sight. In our second half, find out why Josh in San Francisco ought to stick to summer driving or ante up a few thousand bucks, how Danielle in Louisville can save herself from a set of dentures, and whether Katie's Odyssey is doomed to a life as Casa de Jelly Belly. Our new Puzzler comes from the world of words, then Tom and Ray attempt to help Vallen deal with an ornery set of electric mirrors, while sharing their favorite tip for avoiding the dreaded blind spot. Finally, how's your fluid physics? Is it true that if you get gas early in the morning or late at night, you'll get more for your money? Find out who gets the Mojito, as Tom and Ray settle a bet between Steve and his pal. All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What's a common word with three consecutive double letters? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Why would someone pre-pay for gas, and then not fill up? Find out!

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The Vatican's Ten Commandments for the Road-- and a few additions from Tom and Ray

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The Vatican goes Car Talk- The Click and Clack Commandments

by awesomeness

This is humor. I am ten and I can understand this solid humor. This is the best of the Tappet Brothers. One problem: easy Puzzler.

Favorite Moment: Click and Clacks Commandments


by awesomeness


Favorite Moment: all

The Funny and the Booooogus

by awesomeness

The 10 Commandments of Cars (and more by our hosts) from the Pope are here!

Favorite Moment: All of it!

The Pope's 10 Commandments of the Road

Does the Pope drive on the highway?

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