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#0724: The Granola Man Cometh--and Sweateth

Original Air Date: 06.16.2007

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This week on Car Talk, for those of you suffering from Commencement-withdrawal, Tom and Ray open with a few words of wisdom from speakers David Sedaris, Jon Stewart, Conan O'Brien, and the ultimate academician, Ali G. Then, it's an explosive Call of The Week, as we head to the bucolic Berkshires where Saul, aka Doctor Granola, has a Lincoln Town Car that's gone Old Faithful on him. The good Doc is tired of tapping his bank account, but he's not ready for a hot summer without AC, either. Can his faithful mechanic Stevie plug the geyser with a miracle additive, or will nothing but a full condenser replacement do the trick? Out in LA, Diana's son is driving the company van all over town with a tire that's got an aneurysm. Can surgery save this congenitally-challenged rubber, or will it burst while he's flying down I-5? Next, prepare for a marital smackdown, as pastors Miriam and Glen go head-to-head over Glen's cheapskatism. He turns off the AC when passing, and puts their minivan into neutral when heading downhill. Is this consummate chiseler going to wreck his marriage? Want to take a guess how many miles are on Sam's Ford Ranger? Ready? Now triple it. Is it any wonder his clutch pedal's getting balky with 654,000 miles on it? Tune in and hear if Tom and Ray can help him fix it and keep chugging towards seven digits. Finally, prepare to kick back for a ride through Santa Cruz wine country. Jay's starting a tour company, and he's looking for a classic, cool magic bus that can haul a dozen wine-soaked tourists. Tom and Ray share a few eclectic retrofitting ideas that'll have Jay shepherding effete tasters in grand style. All that, plus we introduce our new Conflict Resolution Specialist and a Nomadic Studies Professor, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What would cause someone to pre-pay for gas - and then not fill up? This week, an historic and automotive puzzler. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How did Jeff figure out how much more knitting could be done, after a quick sprint into the kitchen? Find out!

Show Open Topic

From our Tassel and Mortarboard Division, Tom and Ray share words of wisdom from commencement addresses by David Sedaris, Jon Stewart, Conan O'Brien, and Ali G.

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Show Review - 175

by Anonymous

The comedian cometh

by Anonymous

It was hilarious. I wish the Wheel of Misfortune was used. Also, the puzzler was a stumper. Great job, Magilozzees!

Favorite Moment: I loved Dr. Granola.

Graduation Speeches

The wise words of Ali G, Will Ferrell, and other great academics.

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