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#0723: Grand Theft Tire

Original Air Date: 06.09.2007

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This week on Car Talk, in honor of Father's Day, Tom and Ray share stories of life with the senior Magliozzi of the household, including an "endeering" play on words from hunting camp, and the perils of male answer syndrome for the cartographically challenged. Then, it's off to Arizona-the Grand Canyon and Park Ranger Lori. Her Tercel was making noises. So her husband used the tried and true "hacksaw method" to solve the problem. Is her ride still safe, or is this one Toyota that should join the missing hikers in the canyon's depths? Ready to see if the chumps got stumped? Caty's new used car had "lemon" written all over it. Did Tom and Ray's advice get her a new transmission before the dealer relocated from Pennsylvania to the Cayman Islands? Meanwhile, in our Call of the Week, the clock's ticking for Dorienne. She's got just a few days to fix the ignition in her boyfriend's car, before he comes back from volunteering at Mother Teresa's orphanage in India. Will he be as charitable with her? Doesn't anybody screen these calls? Vicki's got a mysterious steering problem that puts Tom and Ray's diagnostic (and stalling) skills to the test. Will it be the Wheel of Misfortune to the rescue? Find out. All that, plus a tire bandit on the loose in the streets of Sacramento, and more on this week's Car Talk.

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In honor of Father's Day, stories about Tom and Ray's dad.

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Show Review - 173

by Anonymous

Lori's Tercel Boot Problem

by californicated1

Believe it or not, I had the same thing happen to me on my 1997 Tercel after 170,000 miles on it. I was coming home to Livermore, California from Denver, Colorado and this rubber fitting came off my right axle and was making an awful noise. However, when I took a look at it, there seemed to be this joint that this fitting covered and it made me wonder if this part was actually two parts instead of one. The noise drove me crazy to the point that I took it into my mechanic and he wound up replacing the axles and the Transmission in this car. With that fitting coming loose, the axle did indeed bend at high speeds and in California that is hard to avoid. The bending in turn damaged the transmission and as an additional bonus, the clutch got replaced after 30,000 miles from the previous replacement. Needless to say, this cost me $1800 to fix--more than the car is worth and more than my trip to Denver.

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