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#0722: The Fine Whine of Lunenburg

Original Air Date: 06.02.2007

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Fans of spectacular car noises rejoice: this week's Car Talk features Dale from Lunenburg, Massachusetts, who's got a spot-on imitation of that blood-curdling whine coming from the engine of his Ford pick-up. But, are his foley skills enough to lead Tom and Ray to figure out what's causing that racket? Also, can two guys full of hot air explain global warming as a result of a simple Act of Congress? If it's Tom and Ray, that's a big, fat, "Sure, why not!" Global crisis averted, it's on to Heather and her GMC Jimmy purchased from Uncle Larry. Could that chugging, lugging and jerking be the result of a little, shall we say, "lack of diligence" on the part of Uncle Lar? In Charlotte, Patrick's hearing a loud "Brrrrrr!" Is it just the ABS doing its thing, or is disaster about to strike? Find out how ABS really works, its pros and con, and a little admonition about that shrink-wrapped owners manual. (Sorry, Pat.) Tom and Ray give some coaching in the great Anchorage MPG contest, a Honda dealer earns a piston-slap dope-slap, and, why is a Saab deciding that it'll only spend 35 dollars at the pump? All this, a new Puzzler, and a startling discovery on the way cars are handed off from one generation to the next in the Magliozzi household, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What's the new word from corporate America? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Russell worries he's running late for dinner. How does his newly purchased book put his mind at ease that he’s on time? Find out!

Show Open Topic

How global warming really started-- thanks to a simple Act of Congress.

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Global warming caused by Act of Congress

Power over celestial bodies unconstitutional, says reader

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