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#0721: Hygienic Malfunctions

Original Air Date: 05.26.2007

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Remember Ray's humbling and painful tale in which a jar of Vaseline somehow turned into Sno-Seal? This week, our listeners try to ease his mind with their own tales of medicine cabinet mishaps. (Within two minutes, we guarantee you'll be squirming.) Then, it's down the street to Elisa, who's calling with a Saab story. Find out whether Tom and Ray can figure out why her 9-5 isn't starting all the time, and what their mother Elizabeth has to do with all of this? On Stump the Chumps, we close the book on the case of Todd's backfiring '73 LTD, a feline heart attack, and several dead fish. Did Tom and Ray get this one right, and does that mean that Todd and his girlfriend are reconciled? Tune in for a Stump the Chumps that could've come straight out of a General Hospital scriptwriters' meeting. Meanwhile, ready for a feline solution to an automotive conundrum? Inside Melissa's Civic, it's raining. Raining birdseed. She's already spotted the mouse that's taken up residence in her headliner--how can she convince him it's time to move on? Think you've got problems? Kate's Escape decided to stop steering one day. Unfortunately, her dealer doesn't seem interested in keeping this customer above ground. Can Tom and Ray keep her on the tarmac? Finally, we tackle a marital dispute that just might be akin to the age-old toilet seat dilemma. Should Jill be using the parking brake on a car with an automatic transmission, or is that brake a vestige of an automotive era gone by? All that, the Puzzler - and a few new staff members, too - this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

How did Russell know what time it was after his visit to the bookstore? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How was it the tires were not worn unevenly after 40k miles, and were not rotated? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Listener stories of medicine cabinet mishaps.

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by Anonymous

A Couple of Embarrassing Moments

The old bathroom-product switcheroo.

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