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#0720: Till Death (or Rust) do You Part?

Original Air Date: 05.19.2007

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On this week's Car Talk, is there a link between automotive fidelity and marital fidelity? Dan from New Hampshire thinks a guy who walks down the aisle with a 200,000 mile Chevy is a guy who'll stand by his Missus. In our Call of the Week, he shares his research with Tom and Ray, who evaluate their own vehicular/spousal histories. Will Rogaine work on your car? Tom and Ray talk with Danielle in Washington State. Her Honda Civic is losing its hair - literally. And it's coming out the tailpipe. Is there anything she can do to stop this case of automotive-pattern baldness? Then it's off to Philadelphia, where Caty thought that used Subaru she was buying seemed a little fishy. Tom and Ray tell her she may be more right than she knows. Meanwhile. if you're driving in San Diego, and think the cops are tailing you, don't worry - it may just be Chaplain John and his whining Volvo. John's just learned about a cool feature he didn't know his car had--in time for it to fail. Next, Tom and Ray move from Chaplain to Pastor, and exhort Todd to give his dealer hell. His brand new Hyundai was downwind of a car with an exploding rear window. The dealer's offering him a new windshield, but Todd's wondering if those nicks are his due penance for the sin of buying new. Finally, we hear from Rod in South Dakota, who's won the car of someone's dreams - just not his. What kind of prize is an 8 year old Boxster that you have to drive 1500 miles to collect? The answer to his dilemma, plus whatever happened to Aunt Bertha, and lots more, on this week's Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Joe and his wife drove 40,000 miles around the country-- but his tires don't need to be rotated. How can that be? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Just what did Aunt Bertha die of, anyway? Find out!

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I enjoyed the program!

Favorite Moment: Clic and Clack talking about white shoes and belts!

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