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#0719: Hello, You're on Mom Talk: A Mother's Day special, featuring Elizabeth Magliozzi

Original Air Date: 05.12.2007

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This week on Car Talk, we dig into the archives for an all-time classic salute to Mother's Day, featuring your hosts Tom, Ray-- and their mom, Elizabeth. That's right: there's a third microphone in the studio this week, and that means no shortage of tales from Tom and Ray's childhood, plenty of (unwanted!) maternal advice, and several moments of poor Elizabeth just wondering where she went wrong. And yes, Tom, Ray and Elizabeth do answer car questions! For example, Sandy from Prescott, Arizona gets helpful advice on why her car is imitating Felix from "The Odd Couple," and possible responses to her kids' constant query, "Are we there yet?" Then, hear what happens when Mom's pastor listens to Car Talk. (Hint: it's not pretty.) Other calls include Jim, who's trying to force his Mom to learn to drive, and Trish, who's wondering if it's time to get her Mom out from behind the wheel. We've also got a few motherly cameos. Our producer's mom checks in on her not-so-very-in-touch son, and Susan Stamberg probes Elizabeth for the dirt on Tom and Ray as kids. When did they start taking things apart that they didn't know how to put back together? But, the toughest question of the day comes from Linda in Kansas: Which child was Mama Magliozzi's favorite? It's putting it mildly to say Elizabeth's answer catches Tommy a bit off guard. All that-- and one of the funniest moments in Car Talk history (hint: it rhymes with lipstick)-- on this week's Mother's Day edition of Car Talk.

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Special Mother's Day Encore: No Puzzler

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Special Mother's Day Encore: No Puzzler Find out!

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Tom and Ray welcome a special guest to the show: their mom, Elizabeth.

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Do It Again

by janicebushnell

Tom & Ray & their mom: Great show! I really enjoyed, would love to have a copy of this one-#200719 Thanks, keep up the good work.

Thank God for Mothers

by tltaylormktg

Being a long-time listener I have heard your mother on the show on more than one occasion, but listening to the numerous clips back-to-back has me in stitches. It is easy to see where you boys get your sense of humor from and she makes me laugh out load. God rest her soul!

Favorite Moment: Telling her friends that Tom made flash bulbs!

What a great laugh!!!

by ktmacgillivary

Loved this show! Cracked me up and I love hearing their accents (I've got a wicked good maine accent) In tears laughing so hard!

Favorite Moment: Elizabeth Magliozzi having a laughing fit over her son making "light bulbs" ! Awesome!

The Ultimate Classic Car Talk Program

by nfn03398

Click and Clack, The Mothers' Day Program is, in my less-than-humble opinion, the best of the best, and without exaggeration, I've listened to it (streaming online) no less than a dozen times, enjoying each listening experience as much as the first. Thanks to this program, your Mom is always with us, giving us a smile, and keeping you clowns in line . . . (just kidding, of course). Thanks for sharing her with us. She may be giving everyone in heaven indigestion with that pasta sauce of hers, but even if that is the case, I'm guessing that there is plenty of Pepsid AC up there too.

Favorite Moment: Mrs. Berman and Mrs. Magliozzi's conversation about keeping kids from returning home after moving out . . . "Don't do their laundry!" and as Tom added "You moved and didn't tell him? GREAT!!"


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