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#0718: Brakeless Near Seattle

Original Air Date: 05.05.2007

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This week on Car Talk, drivers of Muckilteo, Washington, beware! Sid's lost the brakes on his Bronco. In our Call of the Week, find out how he limped home, and whether his Mulchmobile is headed for Rusty Acres. Things may not be a lot safer in Saint Paul, where Matt's '93 Ford Escort with a whopping 300,000 miles on it has taken to veering to the right. Is it trying to find its way to the grave - and will it take him with it? Also on the steering front, Estelle's Volvo is losing power steering fluid - but a new rack and pinion will cost her a boat payment and a half. Can she just keep topping off, until she can afford the dinero? After the Puzzler Answer, it's time for a game of true or false with Roni. Her boyfriend's telling her she's killing her catalytic converters by running low on gas. Is he just another victim of Male Answer Syndrome? Meanwhile, Heather's got an Alfa Romeo, and a job that's taking her to an island off of Italy. She's up in the air as to whether her beloved Alfa should make the trip with her. Tom and Ray debate the merits of an Italian life with an Italian car. Finally, Tom and Ray chat with Natalie in New Haven. She's a single mom, and a self-professed wacko who wants to trade in her Studebaker and get something safe, reliable, and fuel efficient. Sounds easy, right? Oh yeah, she's also looking for "snazzy"--all for under $12,000. Is the car of her dreams a pipe dream, or can Tom and Ray lead her to vehicular happiness? All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

The last person to die in the US and have this cause of death listed on her death certificate. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A one syllable word with five letters that's a homophone? Find out!

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Show Review - 139

by chang21023

Hurrah Breakless Near Seattle!

by misscooley

Funny! Articulate! Entertaining! Wow! Thanks Sid from Mukilteo, WA for starting out my Saturday with a heartfelt laugh. I was smiling all day thinking of you and your car adventure. Also, I think the CarTalk guys are obsessed with bird poo!

Favorite Moment: Everytime the Car Talk guys crack each other up.

Heather to Sigonella

by carocris

Heather is going to be assigned to a naval base called Sigonella which is located on "a little island near the toe of the boot". Come on - That "little island" is what most of us know as Sicily. I'm surprised that you two highly educated Italian dudes didn't pick up on her Mediterranean faux pas. I was never in the U.S. Navy (just USAF), and I can forgive you for not knowing much about Sigonella but I'm surprised you didn't ask her what the name of this "little island" was.

Favorite Moment: When you two kept referring to "this little island".

Favorite Analogies

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