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#0717: I Hate Car Talk: The Next Generation

Original Air Date: 04.28.2007

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This week on Car Talk, we open the mailbag for some missives from the booster seat. What's a 4 year old to do when his parents insist on wasting an hour with us? Then, Terresa gets cold feet from her Honda - literally. Her dealer says (surprise, surprise), "they all do that." But do they really? An added bonus: Tom and Ray offer a little unsolicited advice to dealers who give boooogus answers. On Stump the Chumps, find out what happened whether Johannah took Tom and Ray's advice and picked up a used car from buttuglymotors-dot-com. Out in Boulder, Christopher's truck is being held together by sludge. Unless, of course, his mechanics have their heads up their tailpipes. Halfway around the world, comrade Christine's calling Car Talk from Moscow. Her neighbors get up in the middle of the night to start their cars in midwinter. Are they whacko Muscovites - or is that the only way to keep their Volgas running through those unfriendly Russian winters? Ready for a spin of the Wheel of Automotive Misfortune? Tom and Ray are, after talking with Greg in Florida about his noisy Ford Explorer. Finally, our Call of the Week this week comes from high up in the Rockies, Steven's in the middle of a marital dispute. What's the best way to descend his icy, 30 degree-angled driveway? Tom and Ray mediate the disagreement - and then promptly announce a winner. Find out the best way to get safely down a steep, icy hill at very slow speed. All that, a confounding word puzzler, and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A five letter word that's a homophone after you remove either of the first two letters. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A numbers-series puzzler. The series is: 3,3,5,4,4,3,5,5,4. What's the next number in the sequence? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Hate mail from kids who are forced to listen to our lousy show.

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Show Review - 136

by Anonymous

I don't want to be on the snowy road near you guys!!

by Anonymous

Great mechanical advice, lousy driving advice. Please have your vehicle in 1st gear when descending steep slippery slopes. If you start to slide out of control hit the gas and power out of it. It is your only hope!! Just imagine hitting your brakes and sliding in neutral with no hope of steering and only the crash to stop you!!

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