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#0716: Excuse Me, but Your Gas Tank is on Fire

Original Air Date: 04.21.2007

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This week on an encore edition of Car Talk, Tom and Ray kick things off with news of a scientific breakthrough: Have the laws of physics caught up with Car Talk Plaza's business hours? Then it's down the street to Belmont, Massachusetts, where reformed flower child Patty's Civic is tapping an uneasy beat. Meanwhile, out in San Francisco, Steven's Nissan pick-up is sounding alarmingly like Sunday dinner at the Magliozzi house. Can Tom and Ray bring some quiet to these callers' lives? Bored by weird car sounds? Up in New Hampshire, it's an olfactory conundrum: Amy's exhaust smells like bad fries from Coney Island. And, some good news! In our Call of the Week, we find the Twilight Zone. It's in Fort Collins, Colorado, where the odometer on Ian's girlfriend's Dodge Neon runs backwards. Listen in, as our hosts extricate him from a complex Einsteinian time warp. Think you've had bad days? Lani had a fire in her Subaru's gas tank. And not a little one, either. Is another conflagration looming on her charred horizon? Listen in and find out what's going on. All that and more, on this week's Car Talk.

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Show Review - 133

by Anonymous

Science and silly advice

by brak9teen

This show is packed with science gone crazy: Faster than the speed of light, fireballs, odometer timewarp, it's all there. As usual, but especially in this episode, very little advice is given.

Favorite Moment: The opening joke about tommy and his time.

Funny show

by Anonymous

I liked the nature of the conversations. I was on the edge of my seat, waiting for the other shoe to drop.

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