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#0714: It's a Bird, It's a Plane, It's... Dari's Falling Truck?

Original Air Date: 04.07.2007

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This week's Car Talk kicks off in Albuquerque, with Luvin. Will Tom and Ray be able to get his pickup into gear without incurring a transmission-sized boat payment? The solution may be as near as a loaf of bread. Closer to Our Fair City, we ponder whether Lara's Civic might just have a bonus gas tank she doesn't know about, or if there's a better explanation for where that extra gallon and a half of gas she bought went. Meanwhile, Our Call of the Week this week comes from just outside Yellowstone Park, where Dari is still skiing - while her Chevy truck is busy falling off the lift at the local shop. Tom and Ray help her make the call when it comes to whether to cut her losses and find an unsuspecting soul. Meanwhile, there's trickery afoot in Oregon - perhaps. Linda's Acura dealer has convinced her that cheap gas ate her catalytic converter. Is Super Premium the only solution to keep her car running strong? Find out if that's money well spent, or just another case of dealership boooogosity. Out in Washington, Kelley's minivan is humming a not so jolly tune. Listen in as Car Talk debuts our new, reality radio feature and Tom and Ray make a live, in-vehicle diagnosis. Finally, ready for a Disney tale gone sour? Todd's lost his cat, is losing his car - and his girlfriend, too. Can Tom and Ray help him repair his Ford LTD before he gets drummed out of the condo association? Listen and find out.

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This Week's Puzzler

A man and a dog walk up a hill each day. As the dog ages, he can't keep up - he walks at half the pace. How far does the dog walk? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A truck with a dead battery and an unusual set of circumstances restarting it. Couldn’t roll it down a hill and pop it in gear. What's the answer? Find out!

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Tommy reads a letter about the joys of owning an MG.

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by Anonymous

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by beca

Shameless Review!

by Dari Quirk

Loved the show - fully expect it to be on "The Best of Car Talk!" How often does one have a vehicle fall from the lift???? (Figured I better submit a review just incase no one does!) Thanks for the advice guys! Dari in Red Lodge, MT

Favorite Moment: Getting my kids' names on the air - McKenna & Colton!

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