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#0713: MIT'S on Line 3! They Want Their Diploma Back!

Original Air Date: 03.31.2007

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This week on Car Talk, the wisdom of youth. Tom and Ray share a few life lessons from a 6-year old, including the valuable maxim "Superglue is forever," and the official response time of Austin, Texas fire department. Then, Ray's inner tree-hugger makes a cameo appearance, as he cautions Dave in California about the "miracle" additives that might calm Dave's stuttering engine. In Altoona, Ann's been busy paying for heater cores. Three of them, in fact. Could that milky-white substance be part of the problem? It’s this week’s Call of the Week. Will Tommy's out-on-a-limb chemical speculations turn him into a college dropout, ex post facto. Next, it's a two-for-one: Tom and Ray help Bob in Livington, Montana track down that noise coming from his Nissan pickup - and quiet down his howling Jack Russell terrier in the process. And from our ethical-automotive files, Jim's scoring cash for every 10,000 miles his old Geo runs beyond its life expectancy. But, when is enough, enough? Finally, we wrap up this week's show up with an intra-family intercontinental doozy: Dave's off to Ireland - with five women - and he needs tips for driving on the left-hand side of the road. Is that the least of his worries? All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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No puzzler this week.

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Why can't Mark jump-start his pickup truck by rolling it down a hill to pop the clutch? Find out!

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The wisdom of six year-olds.

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I love the progam. You should be on more often.Not only entertaining but sooooooooooo smart.thank you

Favorite Moment: Just the stories you tell

Things I've Learned from My Children

Kids do the darndest things (with Clorox and water beds).

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A California surfer in King Arthur's court.

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