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#0712: Something Sanjay in the Air

Original Air Date: 03.24.2007

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On this week's Car Talk, Tom and Ray open things up with a macabre question from a Hindu car enthusiast with a flair for afterlife planning. Then, in slightly more earthly matters, Will has just sprung for his mid-life crisis car while his wife was out of town. Now his Porsche won't shift. Is it a simple fix, or will he be moving all of his belongings to the Porsche dealer? Meanwhile in Las Vegas, Tina has relocated to join the circus. Find out why the sinking brakes on her Civic might be her ticket to center stage. Our Call of the Week comes from Jenny in Bayou country. She's temporarily doing relief work in Biloxi, and would love to get her hands on a $2,500 jalopy-apartment... and, oh yeah, she also wants to take it on a few road trips home to DC. Does the car of her dreams exist, or will it take a lesson from Tom and Ray's late pal Vito to help bring her back to earth? Then, in Ohio, Michael's sniffing gas through his vents. His car reeks of high octane-- and so does he. Find out the solution to passenger compartment pollution. How's your chemistry? Up in chilly Vermont, chemistry professor Toni has done the math on her drop in mileage, and her mechanic's numbers don't add up. Can Tom and Ray solve the equation? In the closing moments, Ray introduces our latest staff member: Mohammed Ahamana Hamana. His role at Car Talk Plaza? You'll just have to tune in. All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Girlfriend knows best: the case of the dead pick-up. Why won't his plan start the truck... and how does she know? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

You have the numbers 1 through 9, one plus sign and two minus signs. How can you make it equal 100? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Can Sanjay's ashes pass through his vehicle, or will this modern version of an old Hindu tradition wreak havoc on his car?

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Show Review - 116

by Anonymous

End of the Road?

Will my car still run if someone puts my ashes in the gas tank?

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