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#0711: The Perils of Ray's Rowing Routines

Original Air Date: 03.17.2007

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On this week's Car Talk, brace yourself for a show opening that truly brings the expression "Too Much Information" to Car Talk, as Ray shares an intimate exercise anecdote. Any story that ends with his wife on the floor in laughter has gotta be worth hearing. Then it's on to North Carolina, where Rachel's convinced her mechanic's recommended engine flush is really just a wallet flush. Is her gender making her an tempting mark? Meanwhile, in our Call of the Week, Liv's Toyota is chattering away. Find out how she can shut it up, before every bolt leaves the chassis, that is. Ready for an adrenaline rush? Jack and his son went skiing - but the real fun for the day came on the drive home, when his Passat found some acceleration of its own. Is the car out to kill him, or was this just an aberrant moment of VW obstinacy? Find out the safe way to slow down, if this happens to you. Out in Denver, Kane is blow-drying his Pathfinder. And probably getting some pretty odd looks from the neighbors, too. Fortunately, Tom and Ray might have a slightly better way to get rolling in the morning, without the help of Conair, Inc. Finally, Ashley got T-boned in her Ford Escort - at 45 mph. Now, she's shopping for something that's a bit more of a presence on the road. What's the right car for her, that won't get her disinherited from her UAW family? All that and more, this week on Car Talk

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