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#0710: In Search of Rich's Ring

Original Air Date: 03.10.2007

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Can napping save your life? Tom and Ray open this week's edition of Car Talk with an urgent medical bulletin. Meanwhile, the wintery weather may well be affecting our hosts, as they give Julia a simple fix for her Toyota that's balky in Minnesota's cold weather. Instead of a mechanic, she just needs to call Allied Van Lines. Then it's off to Seattle, where Ryan's Acura has become a pedestrian's nightmare. Did 15 miles of driving on a flat tire kill his power steering? Meanwhile, down in Oregon, Doug went to the Internet to get his ABS fixed, but went to his own workshop to install it. Now, his Volvo's feeling Turbo-lite. Is he guilty until proven innocent? On Stump the Chumps, we check in with our new pal Rich, whose ring finger's been feeling barren since his band fell behind his dashboard. Find out whether a measly coat-hanger did indeed solve Rich's potentially pricey dilemma, in this week's Call of the Week. Finally, Warren confronts Tom and Ray with a profound moral, ethical and financial dilemma. Who foots the damages when the car you've been borrowing from a pal kicks the bucket?

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This Week's Puzzler

Bob's back home for Thanksgiving, and meets an old friend. Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

There's a plural word in the English language that shares no letters in common with its singular version. Can you name both words? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Tom and Ray share some important medical news: how napping at work can save your life.

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In Defense of Napping on the Job

Courtesy of the Washington Post - scientists confirm that siestas are good for everyone.

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