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#0709: Shark-Infested Highways of the Windy City

Original Air Date: 03.03.2007

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On this week's encore edition of Car Talk, we start things off with an important newsflash regarding a correlation between pop music and... dementia. (Could that explain Click and Clack's yearning for Fergie?) Meanwhile, Tommy's soulmate Patricia is fouling her parking spot with soot. Maybe it's time to move on from that '68 Rambler? Meanwhile, Jamie's pickup is actually ejecting spark plugs. Find out if Tom and Ray can exorcise the vehicular poltergeist. In this week's Call of the Week, Click and Clack solve a defroster issue... and disband Little League, all in one, sweeping phone call. We kid you not. Meanwhile, in Chicago, Dan's built a hybrid. A shark-Tercel hybrid. Will that dorsal fin result in lousy handling? And, did you every think we'd get a call quite like this? Nope, neither did we. Finally, we land in drier territory with a visit to Mary Rawson in Santa Barbara. A friend and suitor is offering a free brake job. Can she keep things platonic and not worry about driving into a tree? All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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Like pop music? You just may be demented. Tommy shares an important new research finding.

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