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#0708: Memories of Our Pal Vito

Original Air Date: 02.24.2007

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On this week's Car Talk, Tom and Ray share a few classic stories about their recently departed pal, Vito. Ray recounts some remarkable haberdashery skills - and hear how Vito's powers of deduction made the guys outcasts at the fried chicken take-out joint. Then, it's yoga time - at least for Rachel, whose Honda Accord won't let its clutches off the key. Will she be stuck forever in the dreaded Iwandakeyanowa pose, or could a less stressful posture be in the offing? Meanwhile, down in Kentucky, Rich's wedding band has fallen into the abyss - the one on top of the dash, that is. Is there an easy way to extract it, or should he be digging for his credit card, instead? It's this week's Call of the Week. Luis's busy blowing the carbon out of his wife's Mazda Miata, but Tom and Ray have a few ideas about his hard-drivin' ways. (Your secret is safe with us, Luis. Well, maybe not.) Mara's light on the earth - but other drivers aren't so thrilled with the headlights on her '06 Prius. Can she tone them down, so not everyone thinks she's forgetting about that low-beam option? Finally, Spencer turns Tom and Ray's job on its head. How can he break the failing transaxle before the warranty runs out? Our fearless hosts have just the solution - and it involves spring break in Miami Beach. Oh, to have such problems. All that and more, on this week's show.

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Tom and Ray share stories about their departed pal, Vito.

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous

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by tony

Tribute to Vito

by Anonymous

What a great tribute to a dear friend!

Favorite Moment: Bucket of Chicken Butts!!!...never thought to check, but you know I will from now on!

Great music, lousy car talk issues


I know you guys screen the calls before aring them. Why waste our time hearing about idiots who loose their rings out of stupid carelessness?

Favorite Moment: song, "Red light up ahead.

More Ghetto Fabulous than Britnay Spears with hair

by firematt911

This is the best show on radio or television. I think they should have a car talk radio and tv show channel 24/7. But if it is on tv, let's show cars more than Frick and Frack. I want them to talk but not sure they'd get the same screen response as Eva Longoria.

Favorite Moment: Stump the chumps.

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