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#0707: Greetings From Athol, Idaho

Original Air Date: 02.17.2007

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Hot on Cupid's heels, this week's show is all about our callers' relationships - with their cars. First stop: Fort Collins, where Dan is lamenting over a Ford that's inducing a world class case of hypothermia. Can Tom and Ray defrost this icy relationship? Then, can Richard convince his road-weary Lexus that it's time for a few new parts? And brace yourself: Tommy's thrown down the gauntlet. Again. Got a super-high-mileage American car? Tommy says, "Bullfeathers!" In our Call of the Week, it's a first ever for Car Talk: the massage-mileage conundrum. Could that massager that's tapping into the cigarette lighter be sucking the life out of Kelly's Plymouth Breeze? Then it's off to Vermont, where we meet devoted dad Ari, who's worried that the fireworks display his Ford Plow truck is putting on is making his daughter think every snow day is the 4th of July. All this and more, this week on Car Talk

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This Week's Puzzler

Just how many cars does Bugsy own? Doug, Louie and Tommy all have different ideas, but only one statement is right. Can you figure it out? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How did they inflate the flat tire without the right equipment? Find out!

Show Open Topic

George invites Tom and Ray to his wedding - with one little catch.

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Show Review - 99

by stolhan

Show Review - 98

by Anonymous

An insincere invitation

What do you think - does this guy really want Tom and Ray to show up at his wedding?

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