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#0704: Blowing Kisses Through the Floor Vents

Original Air Date: 01.27.2007

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First stop? Alaska, where Christy's Volvo is on the battery-a-month plan, and she's dying to blame her husband for it. Can Tom and Ray help remove him from the doghouse? Then, prepare for a mousy mystery: what happened to the three-pound bag of Hershey Kisses that disappeared from David's mother's car overnight? One clue: her Civic smells like fresh baked brownies. How can Reverend Jen top that rodent call? With dead rats, of course! They're coming out of her exhaust - and her Outback is still rattling. Are more dearly departed still to emerge, or could the problem be something a bit more mechanical and less animal? Megan's in Paris and has met the love of her life - and it's a car. An Austin Mini, in fact. But, she may have to wave adieu to her love at the border. Find out why. Heading west to Monterey, Brad's hitting middle age and he's still flying solo. He's looking for a convertible with some appeal to the opposite sex - and a large trunk. Can Tom and Ray help him figure out the perfect vehicle to solve all of his automotive and personal requirements? Finally, how can Anne get her husband to stop playing "Gas Gauge Chicken" in Alligator Alley? All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Mr. Brown, Mr. Black and Mr White engage in a three-way duel. Whom should Mr. White attempt to shoot first? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Did you spot the grammatical error in the sign at Ray's shop? Find out!

Show Open Topic

A tire with a special fragrance? You bet - and it's coming to a store near you.

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Absent from itunes

by MattOKC

Hey web lackey! This episode, and a lot more, is not available on itunes! How can I complete my collection of Car Talk episodes if you skip a bunch of them and we can't buy them? Missing 0645, 0700-0707, 0709-0717, 0719-0728, and more.

Show Review - 84

by ilovetrees

Alaska to Empty Gas Tanks


I found the show to be both helpful for solving some car problems and delightful with the chocolate displacement (Think Mice)story and the story of the hubby who tended to run out of gas on the road.

Favorite Moment: I liked the disappearing chocolate in the Honda Civic mystery.

Hi Ho its off to work we go

by Austin Priest

This is a great show! I love it. I listen to the Podcast every day!

Favorite Moment: I love it when you guys said that there had to be a botaline of mice to carry all those hershys kissis

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