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#0702: If God Wanted People to Drive Stick Shifts, He Wouldn't Have Invented Automatic Transmissions

Original Air Date: 01.14.2007

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This week on Car Talk, say hello to Godfrey. He's a fine fellow, who by no means should be allowed anywhere near a clutch. Can Tom and Ray help him find a way to realize his dream of upshifting in a nice porkpie hat? Also, it's Olde Car Week, as Siobhan's mechanics are worried that her carburetor cleaner/lead substitute cocktail could give her 66 Belair's engine a really nasty hangover, and Alan thinks his '90 Volvo is "totally fine," except for that little shifting problem, and the noise that sounds like the engine is chewing itself to pieces. Then it's forward to the 21st century, where John was kind enough to bring along audio evidence of his CRV's noise, though we should warn you it's not for the fainthearted. In snowbound Denver, Chelsea survived a harrowing 300-mile mountain drive in 1st gear. Will her tranny live to see the spring thaw? And, Sue's husband is having traction problems in his Dodge Dakota. Is his "creative" solution all wet? Literally?  All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

2007 has 365 days. Which day will be the shortest day of the year? Find out!

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Killing Two Birds with One Stone Department: How to solve America’s obesity epidemic and the addiction to oil. Ray reads a letter from a listener suggesting they use the fat in their heads to power the US.

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Obesity and MPG: An American Problem...

Here's the article describing the effects of our diets on our mileage.

... And One Car Talk Listener's Unique Solution

Simple yet elegant.

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