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#0651: Lost in Translation

Original Air Date: 12.23.2006

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This week on Car Talk:  What happens when GM model names come to Beijing? Let's just say the results won't be helping Buicks move off the showroom floor any time soon. And... move over Santa Claus, Tom and Ray have a little relationship gift just in time for the holidays. When it comes to buying snow tires, should Chris listen to his dear old dad or Tom and Ray? Find out whose name Chris will curse when he's stuck in a snowdrift this winter. On Stump the Chumps, we find out if Tom and Ray were right: was it Eileen's clutch interlock switch - or were those Manolo Blahniks really to blame? Meanwhile, Janet wants to know if her son's complaints about his old beater are legit. If you're driving a Volvo tank, do you really need an airbag, anyway? And what to do when you and a buddy rebuild your car engine and have leftover parts? (We hear that fuel pumps and extra bolts make excellent stocking stuffers.) All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

What is the longest English word, that remains a valid word, as you remove its letters one at a time?

Last Week's Puzzler

What's with the hiking times on the signs - why don't they add up? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Chinese translations of GM's model names.

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bomb show; Oliver in Mill Valley

by Joshbo

The show was, as always, excellent. Caller 'Oliver' definitely one of your best...ever. Needs his own radio show/multimedia conglomerate.

Favorite Moment: When the warm timbre of Oliver's sonorous voice instigated the settlement of a decades-old blood feud between me and my biological parents.

Lost in Translation: GM Model Names in Chinese

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