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#0647: Five Million Goats Are Fighting In There

Original Air Date: 11.26.2006

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This week on Car Talk, a listener suggests an age-old means for a wife to convince her hubby that it's time for a new car. Will Tom and Ray score a pair of grilled goat kebabs for helping Yassin with his ailing CV joints? And, in two calls, Tom and Ray remind us of the importance of rubber... thanks to Liz's brother, who put in a new engine but skipped the motor mounts, and Saul, who's puttering up and down Third Avenue in NYC on an aging set of tires. Finally, from the Department of Overwhelming Procreation, we hear the familial and automotive consequences of not subscribing to Netflix. All that and more, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

All those numbers Ray found? They were part of a repair kit. What was it for? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Why drive on the wrong side of the road, to protect your car? The answer has to do with the cement factory... Find out!

Show Open Topic

Marital trickery 101: How to get a new car in no time, flat.

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by j

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by Anonymous

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by Anonymous

Yassin is the star of the show for Columbus OH

by MaureenM

Good show.

Favorite Moment: Yassin's call from Columbus Ohio.

Marital Trickery

This listener offers a much better solution to a recent caller's problem.

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