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#0643: A Dope Smoking Hamster Commune Under The Hood

Original Air Date: 10.28.2006

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A cautionary tale for you budding insurance fraud artists. Also, in time for Halloween, tales of auto-terror. Tammie's neighbors are scared of her Roadmonster's acid reflux, Todd's Scout makes him keep looking over his shoulder, and Ethan faces the nightmare of a purple Ford Windstar. As if that's not enough, we're scared because Helen's back for Stump the Chumps and we don't know if she's brought her lawyers with her.

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This Week's Puzzler

Time for a new sign at the garage. The text is "Click and Clack's Garage." When finished, Tommy studied the new sign and said, "Something's not right." What was it? Find out!

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Starting at 75 mph, decreasing speed by 1 mph each mile, how long does it take you to drive 75 miles? Find out!

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Tom and Ray share a letter from a captive member of our audience. And when we say captive... we mean it.

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say again?

by quackers

Your comments to Jocelyn about using cruise control and keeping her foot above the brake pedal just in case a deer might appear thus allowing for a faster braking time. I remember, not too long ago, another caller asked if it was ok to use the right foot for the gas pedal and to keep the left foot on the brake. The Brothers said that the driver would probably be wearing down the brake pads because when you rest your foot on the brake pedal you can be applying the brakes at the same time you are moving. Feet tend to get tired being held up in the air over a brake pedal according to the Brothers. Applying pressure on the brake pedal might cut off the cruise control and cause more distractions and driver inattention that may be more of a problem than the one-half second it takes to move the foot from the gas to the brake pedal. Why the change in answers?

Letter from a Captive Listener

Find out about the shenanigans that sent him up the river.

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