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#0641: Squeaks, Creeks, Eeks-- And a Little Duct Tape

Original Air Date: 10.14.2006

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On this week's Car Talk, Tom and Ray wonder if an armored Prius is in the cards for our military, as our fighting forces start to sour on the Hummer's MPG. Susan's suspension is creaking, Laura's belt is screeching, Aloutte's Honda is eeking... will the noises ever cease? On Stump the Chumps, will duct tape save Greg's '91 Mazda from the junk heap? Can Virginia ever find a way to get in tune with her car's feelings - or will she be doomed to a lifetime of lousy auto karma? All that and more in this week's Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Rounding out fall wardrobe. New blue jeans. Something in pocket, left front pocket. Something smallish. What was it? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How do the tires have to be marked? Find out!

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Show Review - 12

by Anonymous

squeekes and geeks

by missnancy

sounds like my husband.......duct tape everything!!! :-) loved the show, as usual

Duck tape

by Hjalmar3

the clip was too short to give 4 wrenches but duck tape is always funny.. if it moves and shouldn't, use duct tape.. if it doesn't move and should, use WD40 lol!

Favorite Moment: Replace the hose cuz it probably costs less than a roll of duct tape.

Hummers Suck!

by jamo2

The Stump The Chump part was the best. Also, Hummers just don't get enough bad press in my opinion. Keep up the good work, Guys!

Favorite Moment: I forget...

what d'ya do with a crazy caller, what d'ya...

by silyrabbt

Good laughs (Tom and Ray's, of course), but also good info. Interesting uses for duct tape (who'd'a thought it could stand the heat?), and answers to the time honored questions about carma.

Favorite Moment: Questions about neighbors




Almost a four wrench rating....

by 15minL8

I listen to the show every Monday morning when I get to work *oops did I say that outloud?* The boys are entertaining as usual. I can only give a rating of three wrenches though becaused they bagged on Hummers, and I own one. :)

Favorite Moment: The moment they announced the answer to last week's Puzzler because for once in my life I knew the answer!

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