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#0636: The Great Mile Marker Conspiracy

Original Air Date: 09.09.2006

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On this week’s rabble-rousing show, Mike has determined the mile markers in Montana are off by 5.4%. Has Car Talk uncovered a plot to infringe on Montanans’ natural right to drive really, really fast? Kate has to use both feet on her brake pedal ever since her cousin changed the pads. Does he have it in for her? And what could possibly make the dome light flicker, and the door locks click, when Ralph’s 1994 Plymouth Voyager goes around corners on hot days? All that, plus why Anne’s butt loves her Buick Park Avenue - and why Ray always has to drive his brother’s cars to the crusher, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

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Show Open Topic

“Rest Stop closed -- Cross legs next 23 miles” and other highway signs we’d like to see.

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Overhead Highway Signs We'd Like to See

Courtesy of the Washington Post (halfway down the page).

Making Amends With the Car Gods

Listener Cate Mangan wants to know what she's done to deserve this.

More Famous Last Words

"Hey, what happened to the drums?"

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