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#0632: Hey Guys, Watch This!

Original Air Date: 08.12.2006

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In this week’s show, hear what happens after guys say, “Hey! Watch this!” (Advice to med students: a defibrillator is not a toy.) Erin’s husband tries to save a few bucks on gas by driving “passive stupid.” Can she get a little more New York City on his Boca Raton gas pedal? Anne calls for some car shopping tips - from the ladies room of a Cuban restaurant. And Deborah’s rear view mirror looks like a lava lamp. Is that a new luxury option, or should she be worried about volcanoes? That, and more, in this week’s hour for Car Talk.

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Famous last words: “Hey guys, watch this!”

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"Hey! Watch This!"

The battle cry of fools everywhere.  Here are some of the best "watch this!" stories from our listeners.

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