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#0630: Love, Rust and a Little More "Hey, Watch This!"

Original Air Date: 07.29.2006

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In this week’s encore show, what’s rust got to do with it? An automotive love story with a surprise ending. And later in the show, a vehicular ghost story. Could dear old Dad be getting even from the graveyard? Amanda’s got a marital emergency. She’s getting hitched on Friday, but there will be just too many cars for one family. Something’s got to go – will it be her fiancé? And Bruce got a Mickey Mouse paint job in Orlando - it’s shedding paint like a Malamute in mid-summer. Might it look better in duct tape grey? Plus, a classic proposal for customers who gripe about the high cost of automotive labor. That and more in this week’s show.

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How not to profess your love.

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Great "Hey, Watch This!"

by Anonymous

Any guy who's ever uttered, or had a pal utter, "Hey, watch this!" is going to like this show. It's great hearing more of these stories-- brough back some funny memories. It's nice hearing Tom and Ray tell them, too-- they obviously really get a kick out of this stuff.

Show Review - 30

by Anonymous

Love and Rust Spots

How can a man best convey his tender feelings?

"Hey, Watch This!"

To which one should respond, "No, stop!"  Here's another reason why.

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