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#0628: The Pinkwater Tuchus

Original Air Date: 07.15.2006

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In this week's encore show, we set an international "seating" standard-- and then name it after a friend. Will Daniel Pinkwater think he's the butt of a backhanded joke? And could exhaust fumes really be good for your garden? Deana's husband is crazy for his new love, and she's got him wrapped around her little fender. Is there any middle ground in a mid-life crisis? A brilliant young mind may be due for a Nobel Peace Prize for his plan to bring the world together... over broken-down Fiats. That and more on this week's episode of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

On break.

Last Week's Puzzler

On break.

Show Open Topic

Size of American butts. Seating standards are... stretching. Need another measurement? Let's call it "the Pinkwater"... after Daniel Pinkwater.

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    Pinkwater Fun

    by Anonymous

    I enjoy all things Pinkwater on NPR, and hearing this gem again was good for a lot of laughs. A great show all around-- maybe it was just the fact that I was on vacation, but I was laughing for the whole hour.

    Favorite Moment: The start, with the Pinkwater tidbit.

    Show Review - 196

    by Anonymous

    Just a test

    by Nickelplate1946

    OK, I confess. I didn't listen at all. I just wanted to sign up and navigate about. Pinkwater is fine with me, ever since he declared that the VW New Beetle was the easiest car for a fat man to get in and out of. It is also the easier car to get your wallet out and into.

    Just a mechanical issue

    by tonymac

    Great show, but when my client came up, Quicktime, there was just a progressbar, when there could have been a logo or more graphics in addition to the playback bar.

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