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#0627: We Didn't Start the Fire

Original Air Date: 07.08.2006

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This week: how about a “rotisserie special” for that gas-guzzling SUV? Copycats have turned one of our suggestions into a crime ring. Does your husband have a bad case of “one more year” syndrome? Just leave the keys with us. It looks like Andrea’s going to need a tow truck – to get her iPod out of the sunroof. Should Steve be honest with a used car dealer? Hear Tom and Ray set out to change the world, one sleaze ball at a time. This, and more!

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Last Week's Puzzler

Which state claims two automotive firsts: the first to require driving on the right, and the first to have a high speed, multi-lane highway? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Some previous comments may implicate Tom and Ray in a car arson ring.

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