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#0623: I Didn't Sign Up for Trunk Duty!

Original Air Date: 06.10.2006

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This week, it’s a claustrophobic’s nightmare! Annie’s boyfriend wants her to crawl into her Mercedes’s trunk so he can see where it’s leaking. Can Click and Clack help her escape? Find out why a big guy and a little car add up to an extra-large maintenance bill. Plus, a real Saab story: Christine and her five-speed are old pals, but a bum knee might mean the end of a beautiful friendship. Also, we check out a few “full disclosure” newspaper ads for dogs whose owners could use some marketing tips. That and more in this week’s hour of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

A stalled car is 50 feet from the crest of a hill. Each time Tommy pushes the car forward three feet, it rolls back two feet, and Tommy takes a puff of his cigar. How many puffs to the top? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Husband says to wife: I saw something the other day that I haven’t seen in years, and probably won’t see again, and neither will our son. What happened that day? Find out!

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Real newspaper ads.

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