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#0621: Five Engineers, How Many Opinions?

Original Air Date: 05.27.2006

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In this week’s encore show, Monica is trying to keep the peace among a family of bridge monkeys. Does she really want more engineers in this argument? The constant ticking of Paul’s turn signal is driving his family nuts – does he need a mechanic or an ear doctor? Martin uses knuckle-dragger technology to stop the rattling under his car, an unsettling bear advisory from the Alberta park service, and some similes and metaphors that are as bad as… bear breath. These, and more, in this week’s encore hour of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Puzzler on break.

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Puzzler on break.

Show Open Topic

Bad similes and metaphors, such as "The ballerina rose gracefully like a dog on a fire hydrant."

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