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#0619: Brake Jobs: The Way to a Woman's Heart

Original Air Date: 05.13.2006

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This week, a legend is born. Katie’s mom will never forget that romantic date with a view – up on a Car Talk shop lift. Speaking of cheap dates, how about some inventive names for the next Humongo-store brand of wines? Plus, Nancy needs a car with enough oomph to climb out of her steep driveway – maybe a tractor is called for? We hear about a car no teen should be allowed to drive: a retired police Mustang with more horses than your local track. Finally, learn the secret behind that magic night vision switch in your rear-view mirror. That, and more callers subject to good, bad and just plain ugly advice, this week!

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This Week's Puzzler

At 60 MPH, name a part or parts of the car that are not moving in relation to the road – and what part of the car is traveling at 120 mph? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Casablanca to Marrakesh – each pilgrim carries 4 days of food and water, but the journey takes 4 days. How many people need to start out the voyage in order for one person to make it? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Possible names for the new line of Wal-Mart wine.

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Wal-Mart's New Wines

Listener Mimi Levitt considers possible names for the new items.

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