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#0618: Momma Was a Race Car Driver

Original Air Date: 05.06.2006

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In this week’s Car Talk, Mom’s got a checkered past – but her kids are waving the yellow caution flag. Can the Magliozzis get this former lead foot to lighten up? Mike finds out why vital, life-giving crud is important to an old car. And Todd’s got a shaggy, and gastrically shocking, horse tale. Plus, a few reasons why our mail carrier despises us. (Who sent the fish-gram, anyway?) That and more!

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This Week's Puzzler

One pilgrim needs to get from Casablanca to Marrakesh. A group starts out, but each one can only carry 4 days of food and water, and the journey takes 6 days. How many people need to start out the voyage in order for one person to make it? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

What fundamental automotive discovery was made in the 1870s, when it cost a dime, and is not only still used today but still costs just a dime? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Strange items received in the mail - dead fish, piece of wood, ice axe, 21 dollar bill, Sonja Henie paper doll...

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