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#0616: Breaking Up Is Fun to Do

Original Air Date: 04.22.2006

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In this encore edition of Car Talk, Tom and Ray try their best to break up a marriage, as the brothers go with their strength…. and start a family feud. Next up, it’s Bilray, who’s got a sweet barbecue-mobile that runs on propane – how come it won’t budge after he slaves over the grill all day? Learn some bright new ideas about how men think. And is the word “wedgie” in the dictionary? The answer to that “pressing” matter, and much more, in this week’s classic installment of Car Talk.

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Puzzler on break.

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Of Women and Wedgies

Let it never be said again that wedgies are only for guys.

A Unified Theory Explaining YOUR BRAINS!

Recent neuroscience might be onto something here.

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