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#0614: I Broke the Boss' Car!

Original Air Date: 04.08.2006

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Should Kevin start printing up new resumés now that he got a quarter stuck in his boss’ seatbelt lock, or will Superglue save the day? Nancy learns how to root out brake rotor rot. Ian comes up with a brilliant (?) solution to the clicking valves on his ’97 Mazda pickup truck. The Tappet brothers make Ann Marie’s mom happy by explaining that a car runs three times better at 50 miles an hour than at 80. Dr. Dan gets some self-image counseling. Plus, Tommy defends his daughter’s art history major. Would you like fries with that?

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This Week's Puzzler

Mr. Jones says, "If my child is a boy, then I will 2/3 of my estate to my son, and 1/3 to my wife. If my child is a girl, I leave 2/3 of my estate to my wife, and 1/3 to my daughter."” He dies. Mrs. Jones gives birth to twins. How to divide the estate? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Rick had a box of roofing nails, eight bundles of roof shingles, three bags of concrete, the latest model 24-volt cordless drill and a clothes from the dry cleaner. How did he get his truck, with the missing spark plug wires, started? Find out!

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Less-than-complimentary online ad submissions for the Chevy Tahoe.

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Show Review - 85

by Anonymous


by Anonymous

Tom and Ray always put on a great show every week!


by Al

Great stuff You guys are great !!

Favorite Moment: Brightens my day


by Jason Epstein

Just add ads to the show so u dont have to charge

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