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#0613: The Dashboard Hula Doll Dilemma

Original Air Date: 04.01.2006

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In this week’s show, listeners reveal their true feelings about their cars with some automotive haikus. (Thank goodness for day jobs!) Could Jim have a poltergeist in his glove compartment? Why do Chloe's mechanics always run for cover when she pulls into the shop? And holy Sonja Henie’s grass skirt! Will found the perfect hula doll for his dashboard, but there’s one little problem that could spell the last dance for both of them! Find out what could, or should, come between them, and much more, in this week’s Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

Rick had a box of roofing nails, eight bundles of roof shingles, three bags of concrete, the latest model 24-volt cordless drill and a clothes from the dry cleaner. How did he get his truck, with the missing spark plug wires, started? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

If Tommy flies one plane, and I fly the other plane as a refueling plane, I can give him some fuel and I can fly back to the island. What’s the range of one of these 746's? Find out!

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