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#0612: A Case for the Beer Belly

Original Air Date: 03.25.2006

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When in Rome, drive like the Romans do. Tim gets a lesson in small town intersection etiquette: bring a book. What’s the verdict on Denise’s creative new way to wear a seatbelt? It keeps those unwanted wrinkles away, but will it keep her out of the ER? Ray takes Tom to see a national treasure, but he might be missing the forest for the trees - what’s so swell about the “great outdoors” if you can’t get a decent espresso? And learn one good way to defend your beer-built belly. All this and (can you believe it?), even more, on this week’s edition of Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

If Tommy flies one plane, and I fly the other plane as a refueling plane, I can give him some fuel and I can fly back to the island. What’s the range of one of these 746's? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

The dealer had replaced something that I did not ask to be replaced. I noticed he hadn't charged me. Then I realized why he had done what he did. It had to be done or it would have made the other repairs difficult. What did he do? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Medical study indicates men with beer bellies are more likely to survive serious car accidents.

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