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#0611: Man's Best Friend, Car's Worst Enemy

Original Air Date: 03.18.2006

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Could Greg’s Honda Passport really be making a sound that only his dog can hear? Meanwhile, Peggy’s Mazda is bouncing so hard her dog is tossing his biscuits ... and we get the truth about Tommy, a mutt, a pizza, and a trip to the emergency room in Unadilla, NY. Jenny’s wiper fluid shoots high—can she get it to squirt somewhere in the neighborhood of her windshield? Plus, “Does your mechanic giggle uncontrollably when he gives you an estimate?” and other telltale signs he may be taking you for a ride. All this, and other automotive conundrums, this week on Car Talk.

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This Week's Puzzler

The dealer had replaced something that I did not ask to be replaced. I noticed he hadn't charged me. Then I realized why he had done what he did. It had to be done or it would have made the other repairs difficult. What did he do? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

A city posts signs warning of pickpockets. The number of pick-pocketing reports filed with police increases dramatically. Why? Find out!

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5 Signs Your Mechanic Is Cheating You

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Problem with the rating reply software

by grockport

The "add comment" icon should be called "send", that's the usual terminology. I thought that "add comment" means an additional opportunity to add a stupid comment to my review, but it sent it sent it instead. Also, as i noticed just now, the pointer doesn't go where I click, and behaves erratically. That's why "it sent" appears twice.

More software goofs

by grockport

When I click "add comment" it sends the message (at least i think it does) and displayes an error screen to confuse the user even more. Here goes:

Show 200611 Review

by grockport

Many weird people out there... But of course you select them for weirdness. I liked the guy who is going to tour the country looking for that Honda model, I guess he never heard of Internet.

Favorite Moment: When she threw the apple core out the window, and the car into Park.

Car Talk's Top Five Signs Your Mechanic Is Ripping You Off

Beware of giggling and Ralph Lauren coveralls.

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