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#0609: Let's Get Personal

Original Air Date: 03.04.2006

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Ever wanted to know if the Magliozzis have tattoos? (Neither have we… but we find out.) And what about any arrest records? In this week’s show, Tom and Ray answer some rather personal questions. Also, find out how Tina’s 40th birthday present landed her upside-down in a Honda CRV, and how the Tappet brothers drive a wedge into a perfectly good marriage.

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This Week's Puzzler

Divide 1000 one-dollar bills into a number of envelopes. What’s the smallest number of envelopes you’ll need in order to be able to provide any amount of money requested? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

How many apples does the young man need to pick? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Personal questions from listeners. Who’s a better cook? What were their grade point averages at MIT? Why does Tommy get sprayed down with Febreeze when he comes into the studio?

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