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#0607: One Brother Too Many?

Original Air Date: 02.18.2006

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Does the world really need a Click AND a Clack? Tom and Ray mull over a listener’s request for a 50% reduction in Magliozzis - but who should get the ax? Becky wants to park her Miata on the other side of the garage – but she’ll have to find a place for all her husband’s redneck gear first. (Anyone want a set of caribou horns?) Jim’s ‘96 Cadillac sounds like a sick cow when it starts. He's looking for a cure for the chronic Caddy cough. Plus, is Rob’s child-safe door shut for good? This, and more.

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This Week's Puzzler

After the Civil War, defeated Confederate soldiers went home to find they were out of their jobs. Most of them hit the road and carried a tool with them. What’s the tool’s name, and how did it become a common word? Find out!

Last Week's Puzzler

Two sisters in bikinis look identical, but one is older than the other. How can you tell which one? Find out!

Show Open Topic

Someone writes in to suggest there’s one too many Tappet brothers on the show. Is one of them moot?

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The Need for BOTH Click and Clack?

According to Cartalk listener Jennifer Scott, two Magliozzi brothers is one too many.

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